​​​services  &  pricing​​​​

No ​   additional charge for Light Pressing of your Quilt Top - Batting - Backing

No ​   Set Up Charge  - No Needle Charge - No (in Stock) Thread Charge

No ​   charge for basting your Quilt on all sides

No ​   charge for trimming the excess Batting and Backing after completion

No ​  long wait times, our normal delivery is 14 days

No ​  tantrums . . . . .   if there is a small defect, an open seem or minor problem 
​                                               we will fix it, or call you to discuss the best option

​Loyalty Program:  ​Our Loyalty Program awards you with Free Square Inches. The Free Square Inches (FSI) are calculated on the size of your Quilt.  

​Award Example:  A  90" x 90 "  Quilt would earn you 600 FSI.   There is no expiry and they can be accumulated to use on future Quilts.    

​Use Example:   ​80" x 80" Quilt has a total of 6400 Square Inches (Sq In).  If you were to ​use  (example)  1400 FSI on a future Quilt, the cost would be calculated as
​6400  [less your​1400 FSI ​[​equals] ​5000 ​Sq In 

The Long Arm Quilting Cost would be
​5000 Sq In  [​multiply by]  (​Our Rate Per Sq In)

After deducting any Free Square Inches, there has to remain the Minimum Charge of $40

Free Square Inches are not awarded to a Quilt that is having FSI deducted
Free Square Inches cannot be Awarded to or Used on a Custom Quilt
A Custom Quilt is any Quilt where we have quoted a Price
and not calculated by the Size and Square Inch Rate.

Each Invoice shows your current number of FSI or contact us for the information

edge to edge pricing

0.014 cents per square inch

​This is the price for the greater majority of our 150 + Edge to Edge Patterns

Example 1:     65" x  65"     =  4225 Sq In     x     0.014  =  $59
​You also earn 315 Free Square Inches

Example 2:     85" x  90"     =  7650 Sq In     x   0.014  =  $107
​You also earn 572 Free Square Inches

Example 3:     100" x  95"  =  9500 Sq In     x   0.014  =  $133
​You also earn 711 Free Square Inches

Custom Quilting available.  

For additional information on any part of our Service or Pricing
Please call   506   335   0229    or use the Form at the bottom of this page.

batting    backing   binding           


​We have  both 100% Cotton and  80/20 Blend Quality Batting

For Long Arm Quilting, we require both the Batting and Backing to be
10"  Wider and 10" Longer than the Quilt top.  If you already have a special Backing that is smaller please contact us.  We do have work around options.

Below are Example Prices for both our 100% Cotton and 80/20 Battings

Example 1:      Quilt Top  65" x  65"     100% = $18          80/20 = $15

Example 2:      Quilt Top  85" x  90"      100% = $30          80/20 = $26

​Example 3:      Quilt Top  100" x  95"   100% = $36          80/20 = $31

I  have a selection of neutral light tone 100% cotton Backing
​Prices on application

I would be pleased to complete your Quilt by Machine Sewing the Binding

​Using your pre-prepared fabric that has been  Folded, Pressed
and measured to the correct length for your Quilt.

​Attach to Front Only.    $0.57     Per Foot.

​Attach and Close.            $0.92      Per Foot

​To using your supplied fabric.    I will do the  Folding ,  Pressing and  Attaching

​Attach to Front Only.    $1.00     Per Foot.

​Attach and Close.            $1.50     Per Foot

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